Noel Brook was yet another cross-dresser that was friends with Bevan von Einem. Noel mixed in the transgender group with Turtur, Firman, Novak etc. He lived in Hope Valley which is the same suburb as where Peter Stogneff lived. The Family Murders: ‘Dissected’ e-book by Greg McInerney and Wendy Roles wrote that Stogneff was witnessed with someone closely matching Brook’s description on the day he disappeared.


  • Noel Terrence Thomas Brook
  • Age in 1979 – 23
  • Born 1956
  • Died 17/01/1998 aged 42
  • He was a transvestite/drag queen. Did not have an operation
  • Known as DiDi
  • Half aboriginal.
  • Lived in Hope Valley – on direct path between Stogneff’s house and Tea Tree Plaza (TTP)
  • Sometimes raped unconscious boys that BVE brought back to the transgender house (after BVE had finished with them)