Dr Robert Cowan was a homosexual and cross dresser. He was one of Bevan von Einem’s main sources of sedative prescriptions. He ran a practise at 421 Port Rd, Croydon. Police checked the records of two chemists and found that von Einem had bought 135 relaxant and sedative prescriptions just from those two chemists. 112 out of the 135 came from Dr Cowan.

Dr Cowan also supplied von Einem with medical certificates for missing work. It is believed he had a relationship with von Einem that extended beyond that of doctor/patient.

  • Dr Robert “Robbey” Graham Cowan
  • Born in 1943
  • Died on 7 July 1995, aged 52 years
  • Studied at the University of Adelaide, School of Medicine
  • First registered as a doctor on 9 December 1965.
  • Resided at 14 Gleneira St Woodville South, with his mother.
  • Practised at 421 Port Road, Croydon. The premises reputedly had a hidden cellar that was unknown to other staff at the clinic, which was part-owned by Cowan.