St Denis was one of Bevan von Einem’s longest friends. They grew up near each other in Adelaide’s Inner West – St Denis in Allenby Gardens and von Einem in Mile End. Denis moved with his mother to Hazelwood Park where Denis ran a hair salon from the front part of the house. Von Einem’s hair went grey in his late teens so his close friend St Denis would dye his hair.

St Denis was a close friend of Trevor Peters whose diaries were found in 2014. Excerpts from the diaries show claims that St Denis and von Einem rented a unit for the purpose of taking “rough trade” to. Peters also disclosed in his diary that at the time of the Alan Barnes abduction he saw von Einem showing St Denis Polaroids of a young man who appeared drugged and with a long object inserted into his anus. Peters believed that young man to be Alan Barnes.

  • Denis Edward St Denis
  • Age in 1979 – 35
  • Born 1944 as Dennis Ronald Edwards
  • Died 30/11/2002 aged 58
  • BVE’s hairdresser friend
  • Denis would have been around 6’5 tall, and he was very extrovert and filled any room he was in, and liked all attention on him.
  • Grew up in Allenby Gardens which is the next suburb from where von Einem grew up in Mile End. This is where the two met. St Denis was one of von Einem’s oldest friends.
  • Had a hair salon called “By Denis” at 60 Knightsbridge Rd, Hazelwood Park. Denis lived at the front section of the property where his salon was and his Mum Dot lived at the back.
  • His nickname was “Pussy”
  • When he dressed in drag he called himself Pussy K Tucker
  • He was born Dennis Ronald Edwards, changed his name to Denis St Denis, but at times used aliases Tucker or Frank Denis
  • BVE went to his salon and had his dyed the day after Kelvin went missing
  • Allegedly rented a unit with BVE in Lambert St, Joslin. Both lived with their mothers and needed a place to take young men/boys. There was also one in Tenyson St, Medindie
  • Diaries of one of his friends (Trevor Peters) were found that document suspicious discussions between BVE and St Denis, as well as the witnessing of photos of an unconscious Alan Barnes
  • Trevor Peters’ diary also claim that St Denis told his Mum he was going to visit an old friend Graeme in Melbourne for a week that coincided with Richard Kelvin’s disappearance. Peters called Graeme and Graeme said that Denis had not visited him during this time.
  • Kelvin was in captivity for 5 weeks and in that time his hair had been cut. SAPOL believe this was St Denis

60 Knightsbridge Rd, Hazelwood Park – then and now