Dr Peter Leslie Millhouse was a homosexual doctor who resided in North Adelaide and often traded drugs for sex with young male drug addicts. In 1979, the then 45 year old had been having such an arrangement with Neil Muir for four years. Millhouse was the last known person to see Muir alive. He was charged with Muir’s murder but was acquitted at trial due to lack of evidence. After the trial Millhouse moved back to his home town of Mt Gambier. The murders continued.

  • Dr Peter Leslie Millhouse
  • Born: 4 Nov 1934
  • Died: 30 Jun 2015 at aged 81
  • Age in 1979: 45
  • He lived in a cottage in Stanley St, North Adelaide
  • Muir was with Millhouse in his last confirmed sighting
  • Millhouse was charged and tried for Muir’s murder but was acquitted


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