Brian Gant was a cross-dresser known as “Molvena” who worked at Pipeline Supplies of Australia with Bevan von Einem. Gant live in a share house in Chatham St in Adelaide’s CBD. Other people who lived in this house were Lewis, Pru, Sarah, Megan, and Kerry.

  • Brian Neil Gant
  • Age in 1979 – 24
  • Born 16/05/1955
  • Died 02/01/1996 in Sydney aged 40
  • Worked at Pipeline Supplies of Australia with his sister Julie (von Einem’s workplace)
  • He is a transvestite/drag queen. Has not had an operation
  • Gant was ten years younger than von Einem but the two of them did have a relationship. Gant arranged for his parents to meet his boyfriend Bevan at the Mars Bar, in 1978.
  • Sometimes raped unconscious boys that von Einem brought back to the transgender house (after von Einem had finished with them)
  • Moved to Perth in 1980 to work at a male escort agency named “Brett’s Boys”